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"30 Minute TV LAO" - News Talk.

"30 Minute TV LAO" – Talk Show on in-depth general hot topic domestically and internationally. A 30 minute show mainly focuses on general audience with modern news presentation. The Show brings up-to-date interested information happened locally and from around the world which may not be available in other media. The show runs daily during the afternoon hours with targeting on the most available general viewers.


Lat Fa Pha Theo" or Travel Buddy - Travel Program

"Lat Fa Pha Theo" or “Travel Buddy” – A travel program runs 30 minutes with the aim to promote travel industry within Laos and overseas. It presents the most popular tourist destination with in-depth information on history, location, facilities as well as other related information on the sites. Other information includes in-depth discovery of culture, tradition, people …. The program runs 2-3 times weekly.



"Lao SuSu" (Lao fights) - Sport Program.

"Lao SuSu" (Lao fights) – A sports program focusing on sports focusing on local heroes in order to promote Lao Sports Spirit – Lao SuSu – The program shows real story behind the scene of the local heroes beside their Sports achievements with in-depth information on story, real life, ultimate goals … Beside, the Shows also presents Lao Sports activities in Laos as well as in international level competition … The program runs for 30 minute of 2-3 times weekly.


"Cho Chim Chan Det" - Food Program. 

"Cho Chim Chan Det" – An eatery TV show – Mainly focuses on food and cooking related topics. The show guides the viewers on popular food/menu/location … The TV Show’s host takes part in cooking process with the chef. All the cooking process will be described in the 30 minute show. The show brings variety of food locally and internationally available in Laos for the viewers who like and love new eating …


"Hot Music" - Live Music.

"Hot Beat Music" – A live one hour show – focuses on young viewers with the most popular and highest listed in Lao music chart. An interactive show let viewers participate live with the host in the form of calling in as well as SMS communication during the program. Other game activities as well as club members are part of the show. The live one hour “Hot Beat Music” runs on the weekend (Saturday & Sunday).

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