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"Jor Talath" - Marketing Show.   

"Jor Talath" – A marketing TV program – is presenting the topic of the week that the program will explore by using scenarios. The main objective of the show is to penetrate market on specified product/service … such as one complains that he/she has some problems (demands) and another people is to find solution. SME on the Go is also included as part of the show.


"Biz Talk" - Business Talk.

"Biz Talk" – A business TV show – is 30 minute program - focusing on business topics happening in Laos as well as worldwide with local interest. The show covers different topics on business, investment, finance, banking, development … Prominent business people as well as related officials are to be invited as a the Show’s guest to in-depth discussion.



"Stock Wise" - Stock Market Program. 

"Stock Wise" – A stock market TV show – focuses on the newest business trend in Laos. With the lack of information on stock market for Lao audience, the Shows will enable the viewers to understand basic information on stock market and how it works in the simplest way possible. The Shows also interviews different people involving in stock market activities in the Lao PDR. The program runs in 30 minute by the well known stock market host.


"IT Time" - IT Program

"IT Time" – A 15 minute TV show on latest information technology, computer, new IT products, internet … The show runs 2-3 times per week.


"Trendy Automotive" - Automobile Program

"Trendy Automotive" – Focuses on automobile topic such as new car models, automotive technology, car accessories, news on automobile activities locally and internationally. The program runs 2-3 times per week in 15 minute show.

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